Delivering today; designing for tomorrow

Delivering today; designing for tomorrow was the topic of discussion at our most recent client event at Stratford-upon-Avon. A broad range of delegates from the essential industries gained insights from speakers representing the Institute of Asset Management, National Grid, UK Power Networks, Network Rail and Scottish Power. The presentations focussed on a variety of topics from best practice asset management, to information strategy, to future energy network design.

Flexibility is a characteristic that each of the speaker organisations referred to in order to deal with day-to-day challenges while planning for future developments. It’s about preparing for the unexpected. Leonard Hayes, AMT-SYBEX’s Technical Director discussed the challenges and change that the essential industries are facing, summarising the theme as being primarily concerned with how to deal with disruption.

Embracing the disruption

When Henry Ford began selling the Model T in 1908, he began a process that not only brought the motor car into mass adoption; it also marked the beginning of the end for horse-powered transportation.

This kind of disruptive innovation – one that not only introduces something new, but also supersedes something current – is a recurring pattern in the history of technology. And as the pace of technological change continues to accelerate, it’s vital to stay flexible if you want to avoid obsolescence.

Within the essential industries, there are a number of recent technological developments that could soon begin to disrupt the established order.

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Industry presentations

David McKeown

Asset Management – The IAM Perspective

David McKeown, Chief Executive, Institute of Asset Management
Network Rail

Network Rail’s journey to turn data into information and insight

Edward Morley, Head of Business Engagement, Asset Information, Network Rail
Davin Crowley-Sweet, Head of Data Management, Asset Information, Network Rail
Embracing the disruption

Embracing the disruption

Leonard Hayes, Group Technical Director, AMT-SYBEX


UK Power Networks – Becoming a next generation Distribution Network Operator

Nick Heyward, Project Director Future Networks, UK Power Networks

Market Interaction (Gearing up for Smart)
Iain Matthews, Smart Industry Market Design Manager, Scottish Power (Coming soon)

RIIO – Building the future infrastructure,
Andy Pearman, Head of Operational Support Electricity Transmission Asset Management – National Grid (Coming soon)